Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a fresh start...

Good morning fellow crafters and hope you had a great start to 2013!  Just poppin' in to say hello and hope your year is starting off with some creative fun today.  I crafted my way to New Years as my little men watched the Twilight Zone marathon...love those old episodes.  Will be spending another day inside as they are still feeling under the weather, but will take all of the cuddle moments they have requested. So as I settle in to another day under one roof I will be creating this little guy...
Going to try it with fabric and felt, beads for the eyes and a button nose.  Just for something new and cute.  What is on you list next to create?  Why not search for a few free patterns on Pinterest and make a day of it?  Enjoy...whatever you do today!



  1. Enjoy your day snuggled in with your little men Andrea. I hope they're feeling better soon!

  2. happy new years! I see you decided to started up your etsy store again..will u be creating any embellishments?

  3. Will only be listing projects that were published in magazines and here on my blog. Keeping it to a minimum this time around :)