Thursday, January 31, 2013

an open book...

A perfect day to spread the love, don't you think?  Two things to share today, first up...I was recently asked to share a bit about myself, a little Diagnosis of sorts! 

Wida ... the creator of this interview process, collector of past works and an analytical method that is thorough and so much fun ... has just posted a bit about me on her blog Beachorado today!  She included photos of my past work (boy how products, techniques, materials and time flies by so quickly...right?), my design process and much more.  Here is a little glimpse into what you will find there.

If someone wanted to design like you, what would they need?   I say use what you have and be creative.  If you don't die cut, find ways to create your embellishments using stickers, chipboard, journal tags or freehand cut them yourself.  If you like the look of stitching, but don't have a sewing machine, break out the needle and thread.  It is using a product in as many different ways as you can think up.  Once you get started the ideas will come, believe me. 

The perfect blogger is one who? 
I depends on what you are looking for.  I love anyone who opens up their artistic worlds to the reader.  It is all about inspiration for me.  
What is most important in creating a card?  
Make it personal.  If you love color, simple, layers, ribbon...add what makes you happy and you will make the receiver happy.
Hop on over to see so much more and read other interviews that Wida has conducted.  Now just a couple of cards up on the American Crafts blog's all about using scraps. 

Thank you for stopping in today, taking a moment to check out Wida's blog and that the wheels of creativity and inspiration keep runnin'!


  1. this is the coolest post on DD I have seen yet!

    I loved Diagnosing you. Your aesthetic is so darn good, just plain beautiful, and absolutely exquisite (I can use about a million adjectives to describe you and they are all wonderful). Thank you for taking the time.

  2. How FUN Andrea! I love learning about my fellow bloggers and you know I admire your work. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with this fun collection of cards. Today's are just plain old HAPPY! Love the bright colors on this cold blustery winter day ;)

  3. Another gorgeous creations! You rock Andrea!^_^

  4. That interview was fabulous! Your work is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Awesome, awesome work Andrea! And I absolutely loved Wida's DD about you. Loved learning more about you, too.

  6. Ok, this might seem a tad silly but one of the pins used in the picture of the search for your work is me!!! How very cool is that?! I absolutely love your projects and I pin them all the time! You are one of my favorite blogs to get everyday!!