Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY your way to crafty...

Is it really Wednesday already?  According to my little men marching around counting the days until spring break begins on Friday...YES!  Attempting to clean, fit in a few workouts and feeling a little comfy cozy today with the dark clouds and rain today.  It is quite amazing how one cloudy day can change your mood.  But, as usual, before I dive right in it is time to share a bit of Precious Remembrance's new stamp set...Mom & Dad.

A change of materials was in order last night.  Missing the felt and fabric so very much.  For more information on how to create this head on over the the PR blog today...

Garden Update:  This is our first attempt at creating a garden, and first time I have ever tried to use cedar planter boxes.  So far our beans, beets, radishes, corn, lettuce and cucumbers have begun to grow.  There is something so fun about checking on the plants each day with the kids.  Surprisingly they are very territorial with "their" boxes.  Picked up a couple of garden gnomes yesterday to set in each one to personalize them a bit.  My youngest loves to put his name on everything still at six so this was an alternative.

Have a good day!



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  1. I do so hope your garden does well. I have not had so good of luck. It is not unusual for our temps to be 105+ in the summer. There is no cool breeze and everything dries out rather quick and does not come back to life. The last year I tried to grow tomatoes, I decided to plant them in a large pot for easy moving out of the sun. Would you believe 2 came on the plant? I didn't even get to eat those, because the minute they got to a small green size the birds started pecking holes all over them.
    So I wish you great luck with your attempts.