Thursday, March 7, 2013

life is better with you dear lizzy...

Happy crafting day!  While one of my little men is home today, tucked warmly on the couch with his blanket, watching a movie with the sniffles I am tucked warmly in my craft space...parked out here for the day with a list of to-do's.  Many weeks have gone by just waiting for the day when I could post these cards.  Oh Dear Lizzy...steals my creative heart with every collection! 

From collection to collection, the colors continue to draw me into a "use it all" kind of application...and I did.  There is something about making sure there is the pink, blue, green, yellow, white and so on in each card...why not? 

This one shares a bit of Lucky Charm as well as My Girl (which was actually the focus).  What can I say...Dear Lizzy makes it difficult to stop at showcasing just one.  Similar to a chip commercial from way back when, seriously.

Hope you enjoyed a bit of Dear Lizzy.  For a complete list of supplies, more inspiration use your Dear Lizzy My Girl and so much more...head on over to American Crafts today!



  1. These are absolutely stunning! All of the layers are lovely. Your work is inspiring in every way!

  2. I see why you're addicted Andrea, so super sweet! Great little collection of cards, love all of the fun layers! Hope your little man feels better soon ;)

  3. I can't decide which one I like best.