Thursday, April 4, 2013

funny faces...

A day like today needs a little color and something to smile about.  The clouds have settled in for the day, a little drizzle and a perfect day to stare at the craft table and be inspired.  Before I turn up the tunes, spin my chair around and take the next hour to get my craft...a project to share using Therm O Web and something new for me.  The design team has teamed up with Ruby Rock-It to bring you some colorful fun and oh boy have I enjoyed it.  Did not take me long to create this funny face.

Did a quick step by step tutorial which is posted on the Therm O Web blog today.  Check them out to enter to win some amazing goodies!

Enjoy your day and find ten minutes to throw together a little something silly...



  1. This is so fun, really got a smile out of me this morning!

  2. How fun this clown is. Imagine if your boys were into papers they'd think him to be cool.
    I hadn't visited thermo's site. So I went to check it out. All your projects on there are great! Cute stuff!

  3. holy smokes this is cute!
    I love how fun it is :)