Saturday, June 1, 2013

what makes a home...

As I have been working on a few assignments for American Crafts this week, and after a bit of a rough week at home as the end of school is so very near, I wanted to create a layout that makes my heart extra happy today.

Every summer my boys spend several weeks in Oregon with their much missed family including grandparents, aunts and uncles.  As we count down our days until we all spend our summer together there this year, a photo from their trip last summer taken in their grandmother's amazing backyard garden.  I love the fact that these are moments they get to share and adventures they have that are all their own.  No parents allowed and I am happy for that. matter where they are, there is always the comfort of home knowing they are together and happy.

Love my boys!

What is making your heart happy today?



  1. ???...waking up in MY OWN BED after a vacation!!! That makes my heart and my achin' head happy! This is SUCH a beautiful page and photo, Andrea!

  2. Andrea, you have become one of my top are amazing talented :) Great layout!