Thursday, June 19, 2014

in pieces...

As the days pass so do the plants in my garden.  One by one they are shriveling up and ready to be cleared out for the next growing season.  Not sure if you have ever had the chance to grow a sunflower, but I think I found my favorite.  Introducing the teddy bear sunflower.  Came across a few seed shops on Etsy, kenyonorganics and nimblenitecap, both have an AMAZING variety.  From one little seed something so beautiful can bloom.  No matter if there is a bug attack or poor growing conditions, the process of gardening keeps drawing me in.

We have not been as busy at the start of summer as I anticipated.  As the boys grow older they tend to want to stick around home most of the time, and so do all of the neighbor kids.  It is an adjustment I am trying to get used to.   The list of fun summer activities I compiled has yet to have one item checked off.  Oh well, we they get bored I will have it ready!

For now I will continue reading and learning from one of the books I recently picked up.  A way to bring the joy of cooking back to the basics, which I love.

P.S.  June 30th I will be having a grand re-opening of my shop and would love to kick off the celebration here.  Stay tuned for something fun and exciting!

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