Saturday, June 21, 2014

on a saturday...

Stickin' around here on this Saturday with my boys, a treat searching pup, a frisky kitty and our blueberry stealing mockingbird starting his nightly whistle outside our window.  Finished up a few projects, snapped a couple of photos and getting ready to search for a good movie to close out this day.  My garden is dry, in need of some TLC tomorrow for sure.  Butter is out on the counter to make something sweet when we wake up for us to nibble on throughout our Sunday.  Been catching up on my reading and came across a post that was oh so inspirational at the Brave Girls Club.

dreaming again and differently.
There is nothing better than to read stories shared by so many women that you can relate to, get inspired by and learn to create your own truth and self.  Somewhere I often find myself and realize I am not alone with these ups and downs of life.  Keep chasing after those dreams!

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