Sunday, June 22, 2014

to be there...

Do you ever long to be somewhere so badly it stops you in your tracks for a while. That is exactly where I find myself each and every summer.  Longing to be here...
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It is like I can smell the forest from over 3,000 miles away.  It is something that has been committed to memory and growing up a few steps from places like this one.  We have lived in Florida now for over eight years, but no matter where my family is there is always a piece of my heart that longs to be back "home".  Unfortunately, not going to happen.  Fortunately, we visit each and every year and  soak it all up in just a few weeks.  In just a couple of weeks the boys will be heading for their summer with their grandparents while I wait until the winter to take in all of the beauty and love that Oregon has to offer year after year.  Until then, time to pick myself up and carry on.  Growing a little bit of green here myself to tide me over.

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