Thursday, October 2, 2014

color me plaid...

We are going plaid today, are you ready?  I absolutely LOVE border stamps and the fact that you can create your very down background paper.  Not really sure how long it has been since I pulled out a piece of scrapbook paper besides cardstock.

Created a card set based on some ombre clothespins that I put up in my shop yesterday (the pink one was used in this set).

The color was inspiring so there was nothing else I could do but pull out ink and stamp away.  {Using my FAVORITE stamps from Precious Remembrance...of course.}  Check out the PR blog on Sunday for a little tutorial on how you can quickly create your own plaid design.

With the sun shining outside, no rain in the forecast today (YEAH! and finally) just a little something to brighten your day as well as mine.   I have one Halloween party to figure out and plan for.  It is a lot of preparation and very high expectations after our full haunted house last year.  There is worry as everyone is being pulled in different directions this year, taking a quick trip to the Northwest next week to see my sis and trying to just keep our house from being taking over by school work, dust and crafts.  I am hoping, crossing my fingers and repeating to myself that even if it is very small this year they will have fun....I hope!!!

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  1. A terrific plaid background Andrea, cute card set too! Enjoy your sunshine. I woke to a very foggy morning, haven't seen that in a while!!