Monday, October 6, 2014

one plus one plus one...

It is a Monday.  Longed for a few more minutes in bed.  Was hopeful that the kids woke up with big ol' smiles on their faces...should have known better.  Realized that I have two more days until I am higher in altitude on a plane, on a mountain and in spirit.  It may be Monday, the same routine once again, but this week has a little adventure of my very own.  Time to refresh and connect, change the pace a bit.  Feeling the distance between me and 40 is quickly diminishing and not stopping often enough to celebrate today.  So here we go!

Went to work last night cleaning my craft space.  Time to prepare for my husband taking the reins for a few days and he is not a clutter, crafty kind of guy.  Once it was all cleared up I decided to create a little something from the items I have put up in my shop recently.


She Celebrates note card "Celebrate Today" 
She Celebrates note card "Hello"
She Celebrates beaded safety pin
She Celebrates tulle
Color Me Happy stamped tickets 
Color Me Happy mini garland
Color Me Happy handmade card
clothes pins - mini

Working with some clay today and hopping to give you a little peek of my holiday kit and items to come.  Off to get stuff done...I hope :]!


  1. This card is SO YOU!! Love the little garland. Your trip sounds like such a good time, got room in that suitcase for me??!!

  2. sweet! Enjoy your little adventure!