Friday, October 3, 2014

outfitted for fall...

Happy Fall!  My FAVORITE time of year...which has been on my mind for two months now.  To kick start my fall I am headed to Oregon next week on a very spontaneous, spur of the moment, much needed girls only road trip with my sister.  We are hopping in the car and heading to Idaho to catch a music isn't really my thing, but it will be a blast all the same.   I am an early packer so the sweaters, jeans and boots are tucked away and ready.  Not one for picking out outfits, but for this trip I wanted to dress for fall and so I took to Pinterest.  Boy do they have the ideas!

This is exactly how I needed it drawn out.  Ended up with my first pair of leggings, knee high boots and a cable knit sweater.  Pulled all I could out of my closet from the days I lived in Oregon and went to work being my own stylist.  Today is the day I try these on and see if I pulled it off.  The strange thing is that there were no flip flops in any of the photos...they will be missed for a week!

So today will be spent planning our Halloween party, cleaning and a runway show :)  Decided on our Halloween party theme this year is murder mystery.  This will be fun I hope for everyone.  Now to get started.  To create the perfect invitations...back to Pinterest.


Hope your weekend ahead is filled with many smiles, a few spontaneous adventures and maybe a runway show of your own :)

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