Friday, November 14, 2014

happy clay play, day two...

Are you feeling the spirit of the holiday season yet?  Just thinking about the traveling, gift giving, cool weather, holiday music and handmade gifts to be made...I think I am there...I think.  Starting this morning with a new image, a new project and on to a clean house.

The Martha Stewart air dry clay, twine, cookie cutters, roller are ready to go.  Creating a star garland for my sister and hope it turns out.  Check out these amazing clay garlands...

Did you know that MS air dry clay can be painted.  It is super easy to work with, light weight and...if the drying process goes well...I may have to try this idea.

Now, how adorable is this?  Just add some twine, cut with a craft knife and once dried...draw.  What else is there?  One last project.


There you have it.  Some ideas to get you started if you are interested.  I have so far, with one package of clay, created eight 3.25" stars and three 2" two items to be shared on Sunday's Precious Remembrance tutorial post.  Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend.

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