Wednesday, November 12, 2014

bits of sunshine...

It is strange to think, while living in a place with so much sunshine, that a little more may be needed throughout the day.  Today is one of those days.  Went to bed last night thinking of this saying above.  Woke up today feeling the need to express that need digitally, so I went to work on this image.   A smile, fresh flowers from the garden, enjoying a cup of coffee, finishing a mean game of Monopoly with my little man...there is a bit of sunshine around every corner to help the clouds clear.  Today I am keeping my heart and eyes wide open to capture a little for myself.

Have you worked with Polymer clay before.  I am not expert by any means.  There are ideas floating around in this head of mine and maybe 5% make it to a complete, finished, no fingerprints project.  This, out of five I did, was part of that 5%.  I love looking through Pinterest and came across clay jewelry that was oh so amazing.  Again I say, the talent that is out there is just amazing.  After months of seeing inspiration, created a bit of my own.  Using a jewelry piece from Epiphany Crafts, polymer clay, lace (for the background pattern), jewelry metal adhesive...there you have it.  I don't purchase never, ever, when I create pieces for fun I tend to wear them once and awhile.  Just something fun to share.

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