Saturday, November 8, 2014


There is definitely a word that describes this year...CHANGE!  Just when I thought our year was winding down and tipping the scales to the positive, another obstacle... challenge...roller coaster event enters the mix.  All I've gotta say is "we've got this" no matter where the path of decisions takes us.
Found three large bags of "this and that" in one of my craft bins.  They are filled with tiny pieces of paper embellishments, flowers, chipboard shapes, doily remnants and oh so much more.  Had fun just kind of throwing these cards together with these bits and pieces.

Our caterpillars are fattening up and almost ready for their big transformation.  There are seven in all; however, one is just an itty bitty thing and doesn't seem to be changing with the rest of them.  It will be interesting what becomes of that little guy.  Watch, he will be the prettiest and biggest of them all.  As I was inspired by the vintage and butterflies yesterday and today, created a couple of printable images for you to enjoy.

Time to go enjoy a few happy moments with my family today and hope you are enjoying your day as well.


  1. Andrea, this is that you created it with a bag of this 'n that.

    Love the butterfly quote.

  2. I was fortunate to be able to go to the Butterfly Pavilion near Denver several years. I have always loved seening the beautiful colored butterflies, but I must say the ones I observed that day were terrific. I had not seen black and royal blue ones. I walked around in awe. There were places to sit, so I did. I spent over an hour just taking in all their colors. If I had the chance I`d go again.