Friday, November 7, 2014

fly away...

Today seems like one of those days to go a bit vintage here.  A mix of materials and colors and then you have it...something soft, peaceful, aged and very fitting for this Friday.  So much has happened over the past two weeks and found myself yesterday longing for the familiar comfort that crafting brings.  There were not requirements, no time restraints, no noise and really no purpose other than to enjoy the process.

Last weekend my littlest man, best friend and I jumped in the car and headed out for a morning adventure.  First stop...kettle corn from our local farmers market.  Our final stop was to a local nursery for a few new plants and to adopt a some caterpillars.  Soon they will be transforming and we are watching them each and everyday and hope they enjoy our full garden of flowers once they are released and fluttering about.

This card was created from layers of paper, a piece of wool sweater (zipper attached), lace, burlap tag, tulle flower, flower, wood embellishment, rustic bell, twine, button and paper butterfly.

Have a couple more to share, but will leave that for tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Friday!