Thursday, November 13, 2014

make this day...

After the clay play yesterday on my blog it only took a split second to realize I could use a digital image to here you go.  It sort of ties in with the image from yesterday.  A song my mother sang to me and the one I then sang to my little ones.  Seems like so long ago that I was rocking them to sleep humming this tune.  If I attempted that now they would make a quick turn away from me...although it is always fun to try.

I know I have been adding a bunch of random images here lately and not doing much to show them off in their printed form.  With the little amount of ink I had left yesterday...

A couple of years ago I created a few polymer clay candy canes to use in my altered projects.  Stumbled across one the other day and decided to create a few more.  Along with some festive felt, fabric and thread garland you could decorate a mini Christmas tree.

Used this image that I posted a week or so ago, here, and there you have it.  Layers of paper, silver tulle, wool fabric, printed image, lace, button, thread, and clay candy cane.  Enjoying this time of sharing and can't wait to share more.  


  1. SWEET candy canes, this is cute Andrea!

  2. ADORABLE creation, Andrea! I'll be nabbin' that image…I LOVE it!!! THANKS so much for sharing it!!!