Thursday, February 26, 2015

some sun...

I truly believe that there is something about a garden full of flowers that give me a peaceful heart.  Whether it is digging in the dirt, pulling weeds or just sitting back and enjoying the array of is one of my favorite places. 

Growing up I had a habit of rearranging my bedroom every other month for something new and exciting.  Although there were only about a half dozen ways to change it up, it gave me something to create and enjoy.  Well, my garden is now that place.  Mixing up the pots, flower beds, adding a new color or plant, watching seeds grow to provide us with food.  It is one amazing little place that is really all my own.

So after finishing my "welcome spring" shifting of pots and plants today, I snapped a few photos of my flowers.  In the photo above is a snapshot of some beautiful yellow sunflowers which I have put in the place of my tomato plants that are all done for the season. 

These flowers, well...probably the largest, most fragrant and may I add edible plants in my garden at the moment.  The nasturtium.  A beautiful, easy to grow plant that just keeps on giving.  Plop a few seeds in your planters and in no time, with little fuss you get one stunning outcome.

Used the "dry brush" tool in Photoshop to add a little more character to these photos, not that they really needed it.  Working on using some paint on a project when I get a few minutes here and there.  Big ideas will hopefully come out with big results...well that is what I am hoping for anyways.  

Time to clean up a table of work from the past two days.  Homeschooling gets a little messy when you have two kids and two parents with colds.  No one really is capable of moving at the moment, but gotta push through the icky days to make sure the better days we aren't stuck cleaning and playing catch up.

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  1. hang in there, Andrea! Thanks for sharing your sunshine!!!