Saturday, February 14, 2015

the quiet corner...

It doesn't often rain here this time of year, but thankfully the other day it stuck around a bit.  We were having one of those days when quiet time was desperately needed, and I am not ashamed to say that I was the one that needed the time out the most.   Lessons were coming to an end and I tip toed into our office and closed the door behind me.  Our house isn't very big so only about 10 feet separated me from our dining room table, where the kids were finishing their work.

I could hear the rain outside so I cracked open the window, laid on the futon and just closed my eyes for a few minutes.  There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the rain drops.  My dill plant is nearing it's end here soon, but the rain hitting the flowers sent the scent in through the window.  I picked up my camera to capture a few moments of my down time.  After snapping the photo above it reminded me of crossstitch.  Don't you think?

It wasn't until today that I figured out that maybe you could take a photo like this and turn into an actual stitched piece of art.

I didn't make this; however, found this in my mother's Etsy shop here.  Oh my goodness it is so beautiful!

So on with our day, celebrating the weekend and hoping I can energize before Monday rolls around once again.  Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I love the rain .... the smell, the sound, the feel.
    Lovely post ....
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  2. Oh...I didn't see this post earlier!...thanks for sharing! And yep...we all need a time out now and then...nothin' wrong with that!!!;)