Friday, February 6, 2015

when life gives us a challenge...

It is already February and boy has this year taken a turn for us here at home.  After several months of heartache, conversations that lingered and frustration our family came to a decision that has changed our daily life just a bit.  We are now homeschooling our two boys and just completed our third week.

The wheels for this decision were set in motion back in October when a very inappropriate, mismanaged and label-loving set of teachers decided to diagnose my child with something that had never once been an issue in previous years.  After several emails, lack of resources and finding that we could not convince them otherwise it seemed like time to move on with alternate plans.  So we are here, homeschooling and enjoying the freedom of learning.  I want to see them love learning again and realize that we have time to think outside the box and explore everything around us.  

So where do we go from here?  Only time will tell, but there are some things brewing in the background that I will be exploring and sharing with you soon.


  1. When our child hurts-we hurt. Don't think I could have the guts to homeschool. My boys were smarter than me by the time they were in 5th grade. They already had algebra and were on to greater things. I on the other hand got a D in my last semester freshman year with my mom's help. Heehee (Really it wasn't a laughing matter.) (She loved any math.) Congrats on making the decision and having the guts to do it!
    Have missed your blogging. But hey you have better things to do now.

  2. Home education is awesome! The best and most rewarding investment of your time you'll ever choose! The resources are endless but can be overwhelming. Just remember children learn to talk before the age of three without someone standing in front of them telling them to talk this way or that! We are always learning even as adults! There is no wrong way. All the best to you. So excited for you!