Monday, March 2, 2015

no matter the size...

No matter the size of the garden, or the fact that it is completely made of clay, there is still love that goes into making each and every one.  While school work took place around the dining room table this morning, out came the polymer clay and tools.  The task today, besides catching up with last week's sick day homework, start a little miniature garden for inspiration. 
First up, the carrot.  The simple and tasty carrot.  A vegetable that has grown in my container garden in the past and one that requires patience with little attention once planted.  It may be a little while until there is room to grow the real thing in the garden; however, there is always room for these little creations.
This past rainy Saturday you could find me peeking out my back window at the garden.  As the rain fell, the many pots of nasturtiums danced about as droplets collected on the leaves.  Each little drop ran down to the center of the leaf until it couldn't hold any longer and slid off in one gigantic swoosh.  So pretty, so difficult to look away and so photo worthy.

Celebrating a garden that keeps on giving day in and day out, no matter the size, no matter the weather and no matter the attention.