Tuesday, June 16, 2015

butterfly love...

 The butterfly.





    A favorite!
There are so many ways to dress up a butterfly on your next project.  Begin with your favorite and start stacking.  When creating I  end up with a large table of "this and that" scattered about to choose from.  Paper flowers, buttons, lace, frames, chipboard pieces, thread.  So many possibilities. 

We currently have a very large caterpillar eating away at the parsley in our raised garden bed.  He, or she, is very happy and getting bigger each and every day.  Thankfully he picked this place, the other places where we have spotted caterpillars in the garden were not so successful...if you know what I mean.   So we watch and can't wait until the big transformation takes place to see what kind of butterfly emerges.  

Until then, back to a creating my own garden of butterflies in my crafty space.

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  1. How fun for your boys! I'll bet they can't wait to see the butterfly emerge. Love this fabric cutie!!