Friday, June 26, 2015

going digital...

Here is a little something I put together last night while tinkering around on the computer. 

Something, as a gardener myself, I can relate to.

We live in a townhome, at the end of a long stretch of townhomes.

Every morning I walk downstairs and head to the the glass door just off the kitchen.  It is there that I take in all that my garden has become in our large walled in private patio.

Our patio is filled. 

Pot after pot of flowers line the walls.

A large boxwood, pine and palm tree are gathered together to help shelter the delicate flowers below from the hot, hot summer sun. (And boy does it get hot out there!)

I just completed a butterfly garden in one of my long planter boxes and, will have to say, with some success.  We have many visitors throughout the day from the viceroy to the most beautiful and delicate white peacock butterflies.  Love all of the fluttering about.

My goal is to create a secret garden, which can actually not be so secret seeing as it is one of two main points of entry into our home, but there is an end goal in mind.

All in all, ten years and many new plants every season later, it is getting there.

If I could only accept the fact that we live in a climate that does not support many flowers from different regions, but I always give it a try.  Just once and awhile the flower seeds take and something new and beautiful graces our garden beds for a short time.

So here is to a beautiful today and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Note:  This is the second post of the day.  For today's "no. 20 - teacup itty bitty copycat card" just scroll down below.


  1. We just planted three black eyed susan plants in a little rock garden by our garden shed. They are full of buds, can't wait till they all pop open!!

  2. thanks for this gorgeous digi print Andrea, your little garden sounds lovely :)