Tuesday, June 9, 2015

no. 5

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, paper, paper trim, sewing machine, die cut stamp, vintage tag, stamp, staple, staple, round die cut tag, chipboard button, wood frame, button, felt heart, resin flower, vintage tag, stamp, stick pin, stick pin.


  1. OK...You've got to quit disappearing on me like that!!!;) Number one...I worry about you, and number two...I miss seeing your pretty creations and hearing how things are going! So it's good to see you back! And these tiny cards of yours...even these tiny things are inspiring and so lovely!!! I do hope the home schooling has gone well! I certainly understand your reason for undertaking it, but I know it can't be easy...being not only the 24 hr mom, but the TEACHER of your children. I'm hoping you'll all soon be getting a needed break this summer and you can temporarily remove the 'teacher' badge! Blogging has changed for me, too...I haven't posted in forever...family life is keeping me SO busy right now. But it's still worth doing...I still enjoy sitting down with my morning drink to nose around and be inspired by others (then kinda go crazy because I have no time to use that new-found inspiration!;) and I just try to make all it more practical for me! I WON'T be pressured to comment on every post I see...no pressures from DT's or schedules...just fun and practical creating...posting when I can. OK...enough of my rambling...but YOU, little missy, better stay put!!! I miss ya when you're gone!!!

  2. Another perfectly sweet itty bitty card!! You layer so well Andrea. I agree with Geri, we miss your little gems showing up on our screens!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Andrea!