Saturday, June 13, 2015

no. 9

Ingredients (from bottom to the tippy top): cardstock, die cut tag (trimmed from other half used on "no. 6"), thread, binder ring, sticker, staple, tab, staple, die cut label, die cut label, heart, mini tag, chipboard butterfly, mini tag, die cut label, mini tag, lace, staple, mini tag, sentiment, staple, saftey pin.


  1. these teacup cards are soooo sweet ♥

  2. Adorable Andrea, I've loved all of these!!

  3. So I'm behind going through my emails. I've noticed several blogs that look really familiar but I just can't pinpoint where I know them from, even pinned stuff! Then it hits me as I'm looking at one of the projects - YOU'RE BACK AND I AM ELATED!!! I remember sending you an email asking if you were still crafting only to be disappointed (even though I understood) when I received your reply. But I am thrilled that you have decided to begin sharing your creations again via your blog and I can't wait to see them!! WOOT WOOT!!!