Saturday, June 6, 2015


Days are normal here.  Wake up, school lessons, eat, dressed, clean, repeat as needed until 8 o'clock rolls around and then the nighttime routine sets in.  Finding myself sitting alone more often as the boys are off doing what preteens do, a lot of non-mom stuff.  We have a routine, for the more part.  We have family time, as much as I can get and/or they allow (homeschooling you get a lot of family time).   Having two preteens is a change for me and us as a couple.  Can't just pull out the Lego's and play for an hour. 

So where does that leave me?

Two months ago I started a weekly shopping and lunch date with friends.

Two weeks ago I began working out after school lessons. 

Two days ago I found myself dragging in box after box of craft supplies.

So I have come back to share for myself again.  Feel connected to the crafting world that did so much for me in the past.  Hoping this is the activity that can fill my evenings when I am staring at the wall for way too long.  After almost ten years, 700+ posts and so many amazing creative and talented people I have met along the way...why not?  I will stick around until life gives me a hint that I need to dial it back again. 

Just going with the flow.

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  1. You craft for the very same reasons I do. I'm a wife, a mama, a teacher,and with two 8 year olds, it's luxurious to have a bit of "just me" time. Happy to see you're getting that chance too - you and your family will benefit!