Monday, August 3, 2015


I am back!  Oh yes, I am.

Back to a full house and a full schedule.

From Florida to Nevada and then up to Oregon, I saw a little of everything along the way.

A little recap:

-  Tried so hard to swim in a very cold Lake Tahoe.  Brrr!

-  Spent an afternoon with my family on a sailboat, first time for that, that had no wind to power it but was relaxing all the same.

-  Attempted to hike, one, two, three times but it was so busy that we decided to forgo the trek.  Maybe next time.

-  Laughed a lot!

-  Spent a week among mountains and pine trees....miss that.

-  Kayaked and tried to keep one of them afloat with a hole in the side of one.  That was funny, but thankfully no one went under.

-  Had some much needed down time!  Back to hug and love on my family yesterday all refreshed...well close to refreshed, slept a lot!

So that was the trip and now it is time to get back to creating, back to family and back to projects that are in need to being completed around the house.

Hope you are having a summer filled with a little adventure as well!

See you tomorrow with some new projects.


  1. So glad you made it back! I think we know where the inspiration for this sweet little quilted sailboat came from…adorable!!! Sounds like a great get-away, Andrea!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and enjoyed getting away! Darling sailboat, I like the soft colors!