Thursday, July 16, 2015

no. 38

The next set of projects will be a combination of two. 

(Note: I will be taking a short vacation until the first of August, but will be back with the rest soon!)

On the left, a quilted and hand embroidered bookmark.

On the right, a teacup card to match in color or style.

The first up is a vintage inspired layered heart bookmark.  I used both the colors and heart embellishment as inspiration for the card.

Card Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, wood label, cardstock, sentiment stamp, printed tissue paper, staple, staple, kraft scallop label, journal tag (trimmed), twine, safety pin, lace, ribbon, staple, label, sentiment sticker, chipboard, cardstock, glitter, thread.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

no. 37

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top): cardstock, tag, decorative tape, twine, safety pin, chipboard, canvas sticker, clear decorative tag, decorative label, tag, thread, decorative frame, doily, chipboard cupcake sticker, chipboard candle sticker, glitter, glossy glaze, paper (trimmed into banner), sentiment sticker, staple, staple.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

no. 36

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top): cardstock, paper, doily, mini tag die cut, cardstock, safety pin, twine, chipboard sticker, staple, chipboard sticker, rosette embellishment, chipboard sticker, vellum decorative sticker, fabric sticker, sentiment sticker, staple, staple, bird sticker.

Monday, July 13, 2015

no. 35

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top): decorative journal tag (folded in half), chipboard label sticker, decorative tag, staple, rub on transfer, chipboard, paper, rub on transfers, sentiment sticker, burlap, chipboard frame, sentiment stamp, thread, chipboard floral sticker, metal vintage button, twine.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

stichin sunday...

Oh, how does your garden grow?


A little shaggy and in need of a good weeding at the moment.  Maybe some love this weekend...just maybe.

Thankfully with stitching projects, and especially this week, weeding isn't too much of an issue.  Maybe you can can compare the occasional stray thread to a weed.

Here's to another day of listening to the sewing machine hum and many busy fingers shuffling through the craft table.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

no. 34

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top): cardstock, playing card, decorative speech bubble label, clear tag, safety pin, white rope, tab, sentiment tag, staple, label sticker, label sticker, chipboard sticker, staple, chipboard fox sticker, glossy glaze, label sticker, puffy sentiment sticker, staple, lace, sentiment sticker, cardstock.

Friday, July 10, 2015


If you haven't started, it is time!

Play, play, play.

The weekend is knocking at your door, calling you to enjoy a couple days of something fun and exciting.  

Whether it is the whole weekend or just a few minutes, either way...GO PLAY!

Happy Friday everyone. 

P.S.  I just had to play around one more time this week with this little girl.  She makes me smile!

no. 33

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, wood label, cardstock, label stamp, decorative tag, decorative tab, staple, decorative sentiment label, staple, staple, sticker circle label, doily, ribbon, lace, chipboard label sticker, chipboard number sticker, chipboard floral sticker, chipboard circle sticker, flower decorative die cut, chipboard flower sticker, decorative number tag, puffy sentiment sticker, stick pin, stick pin, twine.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

no. 32

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, paper pocket, decorative tag, decorative ticket, staple, ribbon, sticker label, sticker label, staple, chipboard square, canvas sticker, decorative scallop label, doily, chipboard radio sticker, sentiment sticker (x3), chipboard teacup sticker, chipboard flower sticker, chipbaord flower sticker, button, adhesive jewel, twine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Can you hear that?

It is the house crying out to be cleaned after some neglect...yes, I admit it!

It is the cartoon channel playing over, and over, and over again in the background no mater where I go within these walls.

It is a sad (and may I add dirty) puppy staring me down waiting for me to grab his leash. 

It is a stack of papers, receipts and cluttered desk that can cause an avalanche at any moment.  Watch out!

What to do, what to do?

Instead, I am waiting.

Waiting for my coffee to kick in, perk me up and help me accomplish something on a very long list of usual.  

I have spent the last month settling into a healthy ME routine and in the process there were casualties from my list of priorities.

The piles of half completed projects are evidence literally stacking up of this new trend.

So, to delay it a few minutes longer I am sharing a new digi that came to be yesterday when I was also waiting around.

Here's to a day of accomplishments....ok, just one accomplishment would be nice.

Enjoy your day! 

no. 31

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, decorative label, mini tag, thread, watercolor paper, label stamp, twine, watercolor paper, label stamp, sewing machine, frame stamp, watercolor paper, flower stamp, watercolor paper, sentiment stamp, cardstock.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

no. 30

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top):  cardstock, watercolor paper, label stamp, die cut stamp, die cut heart, lace, watercolor paper, label stamp, polka dot vellum, cardstock, border stamp, girl stamp, cardstock, lace flower, wood circle label, wood circle label, wood label, adhesive pearl (x2), sentiment fabric sticker, sentiment chipboard sticker.

Monday, July 6, 2015

no. 29

Ingredients (from the bottom to the tippy top): cardstock, tissue paper, tulle, chipboard banner, twine, safety pin, jar stamp, cardstock, chipboard label, label stamp, cardstock, label stamp, sentiment sticker, staple, cardstock, tulle, chipboard flowers, label stamp, cardstock, wood flower.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


When there are creative fingers that want to play.

When there are quiet moments.

When there is rain pitter-pattering on the window.

It is time to have some digital fun.

A little snippet of what I have been working on today.  

Happy Sunday, for the second time, everyone!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

stitchin' sunday...

Happy day after 4th of July!  Hoping it was a day filled with many laughs and smiles.  

Back with a new quilting project for the week.  

He makes me smile!

Created using a printed pattern for the head.  Freehand cut the neck, spots and nose.  Added tea dyed rope for the top of his head.  Embroidery stitched the nose and eyes.  And there you have it.

It is nice to switch projects every few days to keep the creative process exciting. 

Almost ready to break out the polymer clay next...

We shall see. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and see you back here tomorrow for more frame cards!