Thursday, September 29, 2016

no. 49

There is something in the air, maybe it is the changing of the seasons, but all the little birdies that reside in the trees have been singing their special melodies.  They are beautiful, and even on a warm day I don't hesitate to open a window and listen for a bit.  Although you cannot always see where the bird is resting and carrying on their tune, I love the way in which it echoes through the streets, between the houses, and into through our windows.

So much like my previous textile projects posted recently, this post is celebrating what I believe to be the most musically talented creature in nature the bird. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

no. 49 preview

I was anticipating the arrival of some fabric today, a mixed bag of scraps and unsure of the actual contents.  Surprisingly there were so many pieces that I loved.  In a matter of a couple of hours I was able to put the finishing touches on this "Melodist" piece (better photos to come tomorrow when the sun is shining a bit brighter).  This little birdie was completed a few days ago and now all cozy in it's surrounding floral setting. 

Until tomorrow!

Monday, September 26, 2016


There is a little bit of a fascination I have with gardens, if you haven't noticed.  From the creatures who come to visit to the variety of plants that reside in it, I love my garden.  There has been a desire to add a little something cute and colorful over the years, but have yet to find the perfect one.

Enjoy the rest of your day and, like the gnome relaxing in the photo above, it is time for a break from creating to get back in the routine of everyday.  See you soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

no. 48

Oh the butterfly, how do I love thee?  Yes, I still get excited for every little butterfly, and even a moth, that flutter into our tiny garden.  The one flowering plant, milkweed, is plentiful to lure them in and hopefully feed a few hungry caterpillar that hatch.
This was a fun collection of fabrics, thread and other doodads to create this 4" x "4 square.  Difficult to capture all of the layers in a single photo, but all soft and light materials help cushion the butterfly perfectly.
Off for a warm evening out with the girls, a packed day tomorrow of organizing school work for the week, and some brainstorming time for my next sewing project.   

Thursday, September 22, 2016

no. 47

There was a time, when I was about eight, when I was fascinated with by bees.  We lived in the country with plenty of flowering weeds throughout our acre and a half of land, blackberry bushes and garden beds filled with flowers and vegetables.  A bee's paradise.  I would watch them buzz from one flower to another, just doing what they do best.

Now living in a crowded neighborhood, the number of bee sightings seems so small.  Maybe it is the lack of options for collecting pollen.  It could be the spray of pesticides.  Maybe it is the fact that they prefer the country setting, as do I!  Either way, I kind of miss them.

We had a neighbor once let us know that he saw a bee in our backyard and he seemed frightened by it's appearance.  Not sure if he expected us to hunt it down and destroy it, but not in our garden.  Here they are welcome to take a moment to buzz from one flower to another and enjoy.

So today, my project celebrates the bee and all that it does for us.

Here are a couple bee products I wouldn't mind adding to my collection one day.

Have a "bee"autiful day! (just had to go there)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

no. 46

This year is much like others.  Here comes fall, followed by the thought of what to do for Christmas gifts and then hopefully getting all done before December rolls around.  Since we live so far from our families the ideas start flowing early. 

So this year I have a plan. Simple, small, perfect for everyone and it starts with these...

rachaelsscraps Etsy shop
The idea first came from this photo...

So, once the wood pieces arrived it was time to create.  I have completed one, and hope to be doing one a week until gifts are packaged. 
I all begins with drilling the holes along the edge of the piece.  Several for thread and one larger one for the rope at the top.  Cover with some glitter, of course.  Thread. Add the pom-pom trim and tassel.  Add the rope and fabric ribbon.  Then adding the tree, star and sentiment fabric pieces.  The final step will be adding a photo to the back side and the year.  This should complete the handmade portion of our gift boxes.

Fun and absolutely love the wood ornament ideas that are out there!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

no. 45

Throughout our weekend, tucked away inside our comfy abode, I continued to play with the little scraps of fabric, thread, and trimmings that had been stashed away for far too long.  Even came across an old sweater that was worn once, washed, shrunk to baby size and now up-cycled.

This 2" by 2" piece is mini, but not lacking layers and bits of color that I so crave in the creative process.  Finding that embroidery, using thread, is the perfect delicate touch for these pieces.  Adds just enough detail and color, like the leaves of the flower.
Had a few pieces of driftwood left from last Christmas and thought it would act as the perfect hanger.  Then those tiny tassels.  Not sure how many tutorials came up in the search on Pinterest, but they are the perfect addition to complete this tiny piece.

Next up, something that I will "bee" eager to complete this week and share soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

no. 44

As a creative person, I am sure you can relate, inspiration can come from anywhere.  The materials that are around you.  Words that don't get used nearly as often as they should because they are just so fun to say and have roll of the tip of your tongue.  And then there is this piece, inspired simply due to the fact we have spent the last week home bound, in bed, recovering from the first sniffles of the season.  To add to the doom and gloom of the week, rain, and rain, and on top of that, more rain.

Maybe I was drawn to these colors, word and image to either celebrate our recovery or the fact that the sun has been shining bright for the past two days.  Those two things combined helped my little fingers stitch away the past two days. For all that I am thankful.  Gives me a little more energy to get things situated for the back to school work week ahead.

So wherever your inspiration comes from, happy creating!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

no. 44 preview

Radiant: (adjective) sending out light; shining or glowing brightly. Clearly emanating great joy, love, or health.

This little ray of sunshine is waiting to become the next finished quilted piece.  The process of making this square began with the word, and what a wonderful word it is!  When the last stitch is in place, the photo will be posted.  Until then, hope you can capture a few radiant moments this weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

no. 43

There is something about the hum of the sewing machine echoing throughout the house.  It is much like the feeling I get when there is something baking in the oven and the scent is slowly creeping around the house letting me know that we are about to make our tummies very happy. 

I have spent the past year not touching a single item from my craft room.  Dust on the sewing machine, bins stuffed away in a long forgotten closet.  What was once a supply of craft goodies spilling from the over stuffed office shelves is not whittled down to just a few crates.  A select number of fabrics, die cuts, sheets of paper, stamps, buttons and threads have remained. 

Maybe it is the time of year, close to my birthday, the start of school, the beginning of fall, that starts that tingling feeling in my hands.  There is an absences that is so recognizable.  When days get chaotic and filled with other needs, although grateful for, leaves me longing for something that is just for me. 

Which brings me to this point, and the reason I hadn't closed down my blog already.  Somewhere to share, to stay creative, to stay connected to a world that calls me back every once and awhile.  There are only so many searches of Pinterest that can be made before I realize that it all leads me down one path.  I must create something, anything!

Today my fingers are busy with more than just school work and cooking.  I look forward to it giving me peace and a settled feeling on days when the occasional panic sets in (which happens when we are homeschooling these days).

To admire the creativity of others, and be creative myself, makes my world continue to go round!