Sunday, September 18, 2016

no. 44

As a creative person, I am sure you can relate, inspiration can come from anywhere.  The materials that are around you.  Words that don't get used nearly as often as they should because they are just so fun to say and have roll of the tip of your tongue.  And then there is this piece, inspired simply due to the fact we have spent the last week home bound, in bed, recovering from the first sniffles of the season.  To add to the doom and gloom of the week, rain, and rain, and on top of that, more rain.

Maybe I was drawn to these colors, word and image to either celebrate our recovery or the fact that the sun has been shining bright for the past two days.  Those two things combined helped my little fingers stitch away the past two days. For all that I am thankful.  Gives me a little more energy to get things situated for the back to school work week ahead.

So wherever your inspiration comes from, happy creating!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry everyone was under the weather :( This little warm sunny number would life anyone's spirits!!