Tuesday, September 20, 2016

no. 45

Throughout our weekend, tucked away inside our comfy abode, I continued to play with the little scraps of fabric, thread, and trimmings that had been stashed away for far too long.  Even came across an old sweater that was worn once, washed, shrunk to baby size and now up-cycled.

This 2" by 2" piece is mini, but not lacking layers and bits of color that I so crave in the creative process.  Finding that embroidery, using thread, is the perfect delicate touch for these pieces.  Adds just enough detail and color, like the leaves of the flower.
Had a few pieces of driftwood left from last Christmas and thought it would act as the perfect hanger.  Then those tiny tassels.  Not sure how many tutorials came up in the search on Pinterest, but they are the perfect addition to complete this tiny piece.

Next up, something that I will "bee" eager to complete this week and share soon.


  1. Itty bitty and perfectly sweet!

  2. I'm so delighted you're sharing your creativity with us again! Thank you!