Wednesday, September 21, 2016

no. 46

This year is much like others.  Here comes fall, followed by the thought of what to do for Christmas gifts and then hopefully getting all done before December rolls around.  Since we live so far from our families the ideas start flowing early. 

So this year I have a plan. Simple, small, perfect for everyone and it starts with these...

rachaelsscraps Etsy shop
The idea first came from this photo...

So, once the wood pieces arrived it was time to create.  I have completed one, and hope to be doing one a week until gifts are packaged. 
I all begins with drilling the holes along the edge of the piece.  Several for thread and one larger one for the rope at the top.  Cover with some glitter, of course.  Thread. Add the pom-pom trim and tassel.  Add the rope and fabric ribbon.  Then adding the tree, star and sentiment fabric pieces.  The final step will be adding a photo to the back side and the year.  This should complete the handmade portion of our gift boxes.

Fun and absolutely love the wood ornament ideas that are out there!


  1. They won't care what else is in the box when they see this!!

  2. What a great idea! These are beautiful!