Sunday, October 9, 2016

no. 52

There have been nights when I had visions of these little safety pin brooches.  What was the best way to create the flower?  How could I add the embroidered detail I wanted?  What colors could I use? Then, finally after the worry of the storms had passed, it came to me.

Three brooches, and a pinched nerve later, they came together.  They measure 2.25" and are the perfect little accent to my, most of the time, simple fashion sense.
Wondering what other colors I can play with today.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  Dreaming a bit about being here today....

It is like I can smell the pine needles that have scattered on the forest floor.

This is one of my favorite camping and fishing spots in the beautiful mountains of Oregon, Timothy Lake.  I have so many photos of camping here as a child, year after year.  Now, every summer, my kids get to enjoy this amazing place.

Might be a little chilly there at the moment, but cannot wait to pass through again the next time we are visiting!