Tuesday, October 11, 2016

no. 53

Ended up going down a slightly different path with no. 53 here.  For the past week I have started one piece, scratched the parts that didn't sing to me and ended up with what you see above.  Maybe that is what makes the process of creating most fun.  When it is forced, it doesn't give me that feeling of joy.  When it is a natural progression and everything falls into place...ahhh.
The part I love the most, color and lots of it!  When it came time to picking the perfect word, easy! 
I have found embroidery to be quite enjoyable, but completely new to me.  There is a wonderful pairing of techniques when you using a sewing machine with hand-stitching, as used in a few elements here.   I like the fine detail of the sewing machine, but also very fond of the hand work that is slightly uniform with each stitch.

Well, off to clean up my crafty space for the night.  Been using one half of the dining room table for my work space.  With growing kids, homeschooling and fitting in as many family dinners as our schedules allow, my supplies are permanently portable.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Another little number layered in prettiness! I like the pompom trim!