Thursday, October 13, 2016

no. 54

I am a dreamer.  Maybe too much, if you ask the people around me.  It is a hard habit to break.  There is always something new I hope to try.  Images of the perfect place to call home dancing through my mind.  Planning out the possibilities of how to spend my free time each day.  Chatting with my closest friends about what I long for in the future.  The list could go on and on.

There is something about dreaming that is completely thrilling, opening the door to so many possibilities.  There is just one catch, I am too much of a worrier and not a huge risk taker.  Mix in with that a spouse who doesn't tend to dream, not even at night, and I am left with just a pile of dreams that will probably stay dreams. 

This brings me to my creative side.

When I pick up a pair of scissors, get my sewing machine positioned just right, and pick up fabric pieces, the part of me that dreams too much gets a little relief.  Maybe it is the color combination?  Maybe it is the material?  Maybe it is just keeping my mind and fingers moving?  There is no risk involved in placing thread or fabric in a particular place.  There is no need to worry if it isn't a masterpiece.  It is just taking what I have imagined and turning it into physical form in front of me.

I probably will never stop being a dreamer.  There is so much I hope for in the future; however, these little outlets are completely fulfilling for the time being.

Are you a dreamer?  Do you have days when your head is in the clouds like mine?

Off to dreamland here, once again.

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  1. What a creative way to use the little wood slice! Marvelous Andrea!