Friday, October 14, 2016

no. 55

Over the years I have tried it all when it comes to gardening.  Annuals, perennials, start with seeds, buy seedlings, buy mature plants, plant them in pots, plant them in the ground,  over water, under water, there is one thing I know now, it is a lot of work in an environment that doesn't always want to cooperate with me.

There are challenges I have yet to overcome.

Our back patio is a heat box, thanks to the stucco concrete blocks that surround it on all four sides.

Planters, like the garden beds outside our gate, have little pests that like to nibble at the roots of our plants.  Wish they weren't so hungry all the time.

A cat which we, or really I, started feeding last year likes to leave little surprises in our rock bed and planters.  Digging up a few plants along the way.

One of the two pine trees I have been growing over the past ten years, has been trimmed by a not so knowledgeable tree trimmer.  My husband has a way of over trimming plants when they get a little taller than he likes, the pine tree included.  It no longer has it's original top.

So here is what is working.

We have two varieties of butterfly bushes that grow no matter what is happening around them, thank goodness for that.  The more butterflies the better in my garden.

A few planter boxes of tropical plants that love the heat and humidity, but do not care for the cold.  Not sure what to do come winter this year as they were a new addition in the spring.

A table planter box that was intended to only contain herbs, but thanks to our kitty visitor I have now filled it with non-herb plants.  Darn cat.

Fern.  They pop up everywhere.  Ended up moving a few plants to planters and they are pretty easy to maintain, unless there are a few dry days and they go unwatered.  They don't seem to like that and become brown and shriveled pretty quickly.  Still very hardy.

A couple of years ago a plant sprouted in our rock bed, right below a trellis.  It has worked its way up the trellis and now has completely covered it.  Was not sure exactly what it was until I saw it blanketing the wooded area near my house. Not sure how it made it's way to my garden, but it is here to stay for the time being.  It was free!

So, maybe you get where I am going with this.

It is easy to create a long lasting felt indoor garden sometimes compared to the rooted, outdoor kind.  Forgot how fun these are to create and when capturing all of the color and layers in a photo it just makes me smile.  Needing something lower maintenance in my life at the moment and these fit perfectly into that category.

Here's to a pale green thumb that needs to vacation.
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  1. I have always has a pale green thumb too. Everyone thought being a florist meant I knew everything about growing flowers. I had to tell them I cut them, not grew them LOL!! I have always loved your little felt blooms Andrea and these are no exception. Have a wonderful weekend ;)