Saturday, October 15, 2016

no. 56

A couple of years ago I spent time creating a raised garden.  I tried everything.  A variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit once grew in my large cedar planters.  It was amazing to see the process of planting a seed that would one day produce edible food.

Well, as stated in my previous post, the elements did not work in my favor and I no longer have the ability to grow these types of plants. That is something I have dealt with, put on my future dream list and look forward to the day when I can have a space that doesn't challenge me as much.

It will happen.

For the time being I am going to enjoy gardening in a completely different, but fun, way.

Let's stitch!
There is a series of stitched garden goodies coming to my blog, the carrot being the first.  I love carrots, my kids love carrots, and even our puppy loves carrots.  Seemed like the perfect vegetable to start with.

Pulling a carrot from the ground after it has sat in the dirt for months is pretty thrilling.   There is something fantastic about the range of colors and sizes to choose from.  We tried a few with a bit of success.

One winter we were visiting family in Oregon when I ventured out back to the newly fenced in garden my mother had started earlier that year.  I poked around in the dirt and came across some carrot heads that were still firmly rooted in the ground.  I dug up a few and took them inside with such excitement for what I had found.




How incredibly sweet, cold and crisp they were.  Even after months of sitting in the half frozen earth, they were delicious.

There will be a day when I can pull up a carrot from the garden again, but I will do what I can now to celebrate it in my own artistic way. 

The next time you bite into a carrot just remember how amazing the process is from seed to table.

Bon appetit!

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