Monday, October 17, 2016

no. 58

Give me a beet!

This mighty root vegetable seldom sits upon our dining room table.  There have been sightings, attempts to sneak it on, but not a permanent staple at our house.

These once grew in our small container garden.  My favorite, golden beets.  They were a gorgeous addition to the small number of vegetables we were able to grow.

Did you know that beet seeds are actually called a seed clusters, just like the ones below?

photo credit
Don't they look like tiny walnuts, freshly removed from their outer shell?

From the edible sprouting leaves to the slow growing nutritious root, this is a wonderful vegetable to add to any garden.   Easy to grow and so many ways you can add them to your recipes.

Celebrating the beet in my own stitchy kind of way today. 

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