Saturday, October 22, 2016

no. 64

Can you guess what it is?  I wasn't kidding about bringing the outdoor garden in.

I have been dreaming of having a beautiful, cottage-setting garden for years.  One with a rustic gate that creaks when you swing it open.  Once inside you see rows of growing vegetables and herbs, with a mix of brightly blooming flowers lining the perimeter.  Just typing it out I can imagine being there right now, of course sitting in a wooden swing that is hung from a trellis overgrown with morning glory (ok, maybe not so overgrown that there are spiders everywhere).

This is what inspires me at the moment.  How, living in a crowded city, can I bring the beauty and life of an outdoor garden into my current environment?

So, here you have it, a carrot pin cushion.  Inspired by nature, created with intention and fitting a purpose.  A perfect treat for my little felt bunnies and crafting area.

Next up?  
Been working on all sorts of things this week and will keep share things as I get the photos snapped.  Never been so in love with felt and sewing as I have this week.  I am especially head over heals for this white wool felt that is my number one go to supply.  It is so soft and fluffy, well as much as it can be being wool and pressed into felt.

My favorite Disney movie has to be Mary Poppins. The entire time I was creating this framed piece I kept singing, "let's go fly a kite."  Kept getting strange looks from the kids, but I just kept on singing.  All apart of the creative process.  Sing a song, well sing a portion of a song, over and over until the project is complete.  Today was just a tune that repeated itself in my mind, and didn't even know the words.  Still don't.  Tomorrow it will be another one and I have a hunch that it will be a Christmas song.

Off to sing, create a little and spend a day with my family.  Much needed day out of the house.

Hope you find the perfect music to get your weekend started on a happy note!

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  1. What a fun pincushion!! And your bunnies are just too cute for their own good!