Monday, October 24, 2016

no. 67

It is the start of the week, back to a full school schedule (following a week of a printer malfunction, which then led to a new printer).  The house is still quiet and sat down to finish my digital owl piece this morning.  Felt fitting for how I am feeling this morning.  Going to tackle the day continuing to repeat "bring it on." 

This little owl has made me smile so much this past week.  Something about how the glasses came out in creating him.  Once I get a much needed box of supplies on Wednesday I will be making him out of felt and fabric.

Here is a little snap shot of my holiday ornament using the owl...
Probably would look cute with wire glasses, but haven't constructed those yet. 

Off to wake up some kiddos, enjoy the last pieces of banana bread I made for myself the other day (my favorite!) and get this day rolling. 

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  1. Your digital owl is adorable and so is that little ornament! Yes, he would looks quite dapper with little wire glasses!!