Wednesday, October 26, 2016

no. 69

When the house is a little out of sorts, when the a pain in the neck becomes a pain in the neck, when a day you had planned out in your head does not exactly go as planned, what do you do?  Well, as that was my day yesterday, I was sneaky and spent a little time creating.  It seems to bring me back to a very peaceful place.  Maybe why I went floral and soft last night. 

My youngest was in desperate need to finish his costume yesterday, and it has to be exact, so we ended up swinging by Michael's on the way home.  Picked up the chain he needed and a few other items as well. How can I go through a craft store and not find something?

After arriving home, I looked around, picked up a few things and fit in a few moments of creating these before turning in early to bed.

 Woke up early with a plan for today, but have to be prepared for anything.