Friday, October 28, 2016

no. 71

Ok, this is probably the prettiest zucchini you may ever see.

During our planter gardening days, Zucchini were our best performing plants.  With our lack of bee helpers in our tiny space, this plant was both easy to hand pollinate and keep healthy.  I was quite surprised by the number of zucchini we could get from just one semi- large, fuzzy plant.  Thankfully we grew only one plant at a time, preventing us from getting sick of it (I have heard stories).  Even the bright orange flowers got me excited about what was to come. Did you know that these are edible as well?  I have yet to taste them, but one day I hope to try.  Have you ever eaten one?

I see many varieties being planted in my future garden.  So many recipes to try.  So many beautiful flowers to see, and maybe eat?   When that day comes I hope my kids finally like zucchini because we will have plenty.

Going to attempt some new veggie pieces in the coming week.  Until then, I am hoping to fit in a couple of these this weekend.

 Maybe you can sneak in one too?

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