Saturday, October 29, 2016

no. 72

Sitting here on a Friday evening with disorganized thoughts bouncing around in my tired brain.  Not sure exactly how to tackle the clutter.  Going to bed just seems to make them more noisy.  

Between a scattered, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants school week and a pain in the neck that is now no longer much of a pain, we have thankfully reached the weekend.  Yeah!

With upcoming evaluations for the kids, a year's worth of work to be organized and nicely placed in a larger-than-life binder, I don't think there is much of a break ahead.  Kind of amazing to see all of the work they have done in one year piled high in the hall closet.  Thankfully, I have kept them in order and divided appropriately.

One thing is for sure to be at the top of my list this weekend, house cleaning.  Yikes, did that get out of hand quickly.  How can two days of being confined to my sofa cause a house to just, well, fall apart?  Happy to know that laundry is not on the to-do list though.  I think I would rather scrub toilets than do laundry, not sure why, but it is a fact.

Second on the list, creative tinkering.  There are so many ideas floating around in my mind that I actually brought out a dry erase marker and jotted down some notes on the dining room, I mean my office, mirror.  Working on a lot of things that I think represent my style and creative voice the very best.  Can't wait to share more soon.   For now, just one of the new items I posted in my Etsy shop.

My yawning is telling me it is time to turn in for the evening.  Hope we can all enjoy a weekend where we don't get bogged down with too many chores, it is inevitable to have a few I suppose. Darn it!  Well, enjoy the other parts.

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