Monday, October 31, 2016

no. 75

It is Monday, Halloween.

My youngest is ready to be decked out for tonight in his very planned out costume.  It is laid out, ready to be jumped into and has to be perfect (even his blonde hair isn't blonde enough and required blonde hair spray paint).

My oldest has now reached the point of "I'm too old for trick-or-treating" and has struck a deal with his brother to receive a third of his candy tonight.  Funny to watch how things evolve over time with kids.  Just when you think you know what they like and don't like they up and change it.  Wondering if there may be some regret as he walks around the neighborhood.

All I know for sure is, there better be a lot of kids tonight because our bowl of candy is bigger than ever and I cannot eat one more piece of chocolate today!
Spent sometime last night working on something, just for the heck of it.  Opening up the book of past projects and having a go at it again.  This one, a needle and pin book for my work space.

Such a fun, colorful, and easy booklet to construct.  Just pull together some felt, some of your favorite trims (always plenty to choose from), and your needle and thread or sewing machine.  I use a die cut to create the "pages"; however, if you do not have a die cut for this simply print out a rectangle shape from your computer and use it as a pattern.

Finish it off with an embellished cover, align the pieces and stitch along one edge to create the book.  There you have a fun needle book for your own craft space!

This project was a needed one last night.

Over the past two years I have struggled with ups and downs of living so far away from family.  You would think ten years after making the choice to move 3,000 miles away from all of our family I would get used to the distance.  My other half doesn't understand me, but I guess I miss the casual get-togethers.  I miss the holiday celebrations as a family with cooks in the kitchen, football on t.v., someone napping on the sofa, and small chit chat all around.  Even mentioned yesterday I would love to just say to my husband "I am heading to my sister's house for a bit". 

How do I settle with the fact that a move is not in the cards?

There have been google searches, pro and con lists, extended trips home, finding activities to keep me busy, and talking about what is possible.

Our summer there was amazing, and didn't help resolve my feelings.  It may have actually made things more confusing.

Any suggestions when...

Hoping for a better today.

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  1. I need to make some of these as little gifts. I have several aunts that love to sew! This is adorable, lots of pretty little details. So sorry about missing your family and where you want to be. We almost had to move a few years back and am so thankful God had other plans for us. My big brother did have to make a move and I miss him being near so much. Hang in there, I feel of you ;)