Sunday, November 27, 2016

see you soon.

I am heading out on a much needed vacation, with the boys in tow, to take in some winter weather, time with family and a few snuggles by the fireplace.  Ready to leave the 80's weather behind and dash off to the great state of Oregon for a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I will be taking a little blog break.  Too hectic to fit in blog posts, homeschool on the go and get in all of the holiday traditions into the next few weeks.     

See you back here in mid-December.  Wishing you a wonderful start to your holiday season and see you soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

no. 91

Hello there!

So excited to be sharing my third Precious Remembrance project for this month.  Inspired this week by the star stamp in the Oh Christmas set.  For more on how to create this star ornament, and to see all of the amazing projects from the wonderful design team, head on over to the Precious Remembrance blog today!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

no. 92

After a bit of white sweater blog love posted the other day here, I was inspired to crochet a little crafting "sweater" piece of my very own.
Acted as the perfect backdrop for this textile art piece.
Stitched a bit, added a few felt stars from this...
A safety pin brooch from this (minus the flower)...
All topped off with a felt bunny and moon.  I love how each piece of thread, felt, paper are all slightly different shades of white that allow each piece to blend together but stand out all at the same time.

Tomorrow I will be returning for my Precious Remembrance post.  Hope you are enjoying a short work week and getting everything ready in the kitchen for a day of making great family memories and eating all of that wonderful food!

Monday, November 21, 2016

no. 91 preview

Popping in to share a little sneak peek of a project I will be posting on Wednesday over at Precious Remembrance.  I have been so excited to stamp again with them.  Off to working on a few other things to share this week, but also wanted to share the following:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

is it true.

photo - Urban Outfitters

Ok, so is it true what they say about wearing white after Labor Day?  If so, does that apply to shoes?

Funny question that I actually had to Google, not that I follow fashion trends at all.  You will find me most days in flip flops, pants that have a bit of stretch and coziness, and an oversized shirt or sweatshirt.  I stay home and rarely go out, so my clothes speak to that lifestyle.   

I will soon be on a plane back to Oregon, to get in some much needed family time, and with a lack of winter clothes, especially in the shoe department, I am trying to not go crazy and buy a new wardrobe, but I have to say it is hard not to want to stock up on the latest and greatest winter clothes.

The kids are easy, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, a pair of gloves, a coat and one pair of tennis shoes.  That is all they will live in for two weeks.

Me?  Well, that it is different story.

There will be days out with my always well dressed sister, mother, and even my stylish father.  There will be nights out at nice restaurants, just the adults (yeah!).  Even going to add in a couple Christmas activities into the mix.

The reason I ask this question, while living in Florida most of my wardrobe is light in color.  Although I am still a layers kind of gal, and always will be, the layers are much lighter.  So I have to wonder can this translate well to a winter wardrobe in Oregon?

From my "research" it can, but maybe have to leave the flip flops at home.  I have a pair of white shoes, some knee high boots (which I never wear in Florida), and a pair of black ballet shoes (which I never wear anywhere).  I am hoping they will do.

Getting excited about the thirty to forty degree difference, the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree, and baking cookies with my mom and sister.

Inspired by all of the white sweaters I found on Pinterest, I did a little crocheting this morning before heading out with the family.  Going to be used in a project coming this week.

Hope you have a wonderful start to your Thanksgiving week!  Time for me to work on several things to fill the blog while we are away.

Friday, November 18, 2016

no. 90

If you walked through my house at the moment and pointed at something I would probably say that my mother had a hand in putting it there.  From dishes in the cupboards to the pergola bench we made from scratch on the patio, she has helped to make my house a cozy home.

Over the past four years she has been sharing her love for of decorating on Etsy, running her own space in a local vintage shop and helping others make their own places just as cozy as she has made mine.  I wanted to take a moment today to share her shop with you.  Pictured above, you will see a few items I picked out to share.   There are so many amazing pieces she finds, refurbishes, and up-cycles.  She always amazes me with your talent and eye for the details.

She inspires me.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

stamps guide the needle.

Oh my goodness back to sharing my favorite stamp creator...Precious Remembrance!  I had fun with this one, although I am happy to take a little break from poking myself with the needle.  Want to see what went into creating this, check out the blog here.
Have a hap-hap-happy day and sharing a special post tomorrow and hope you can come back to check it out!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

no. 89

Today is the day when our second full year of homeschooling is evaluated.  To say I am nervous is a bit of an understatement; however, I am so happy to get things signed off and approved for one more year.  Head into the holiday season a bit more relaxed!

It has been a couple of weeks since I stitched a little something for my fabric garden.  I created the coordinating brooch a few weeks ago, but never got around to the larger version.
I am in love with these fabrics.  The orange, pink, and purple just pops with the black stitching.  There is just a tiny bit remaining in my stash, so I am keeping it tucked away safely until a very special project comes along.

Well, making this short and sweet before we head out the door. 

Wishing you a very happy Wednesday and excited to get back to sewing, and maybe a little celebration dance, this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

no. 88

The house is quiet.

It is past nine in the morning and there were a few things to finish today before I go and wake the boys.  The one thing I have learned from homeschooling, as we roll into the preteen and teen years, some days it helps to let them sleep a little longer.  Thing always get done. 

My youngest has a habit of staying up late, thanks to a headlamp that seems to be permanently attached to his head at night.  He reads, a lot!  It is new for him, and us, within the past few months.  Hard to tell him to turn the lights out and go to bed when there is so much excitement about what he may find out in the coming chapters of his book.

So as I put the finishing touches on my morning tasks, wanted to share a quick picture of some of the notepads I completed this morning and are up in my shop.  I am loving the kraft paper right now and how the colors print on it.

Here's to a happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2016

no. 87

There is a bit of a haze outside today.  A few sprinkle here and there.  Attempted to take a couple of photos just to find that the haze has been captured as well.  Oh well, still got the shot I suppose.

Being out of the house for a few days, an outing hangover yesterday, and jumping into Monday hoping that what needs to get done gets done.  So far a trip to the post office box, the store for a cat leash and harness (kids have the idea they are going to put the cat on a walk), and finishing the always present pile of laundry and dishes (keeping my fingers crossed gets done).
Last night I finally had a few moments to create this notepad that I have been hoping to get to for weeks.  A bit of printing, sticking, cutting and...sanding (sounds strange, but the pencil was quite the project).  It turned out exactly how I had imagined.

Hope you Monday turns out as you have imagined as well.  Time to roll up my sleeves here and get to a Chemistry lab project that should be quite fun.  A little red cabbage, soda pop, and kids cooking in the kitchen.   We shall see what comes of it all.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

no. 86

I have probably made this many wishes on stars, most likely more, in my lifetime.  I remember laying out in our front yard as a child watching closely for shooting stars.  I spotted a few here and there.  Closed my eyes, tightly.  Wished with all my might on whatever I thought I truly needed at the time.

During this past summer we spent a night camping near Crater Lake in Oregon and boy were there stars out that night!  It brought me back to living in the country growing up and it didn't take too much of an effort to look up and see millions of stars in the sky. 

Fast forward to today and all of the lights of the city cause only a few stars to pop from the night sky.  I see a few constellations, but nothing like when you are free of street lights, store lights, etc. 

May need to find myself a spot in a field again next summer and stay put long enough to find another shooting star.

Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday and be back with a few more projects to share soon!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

decking the walls with Precious Remembrance.

Happy Saturday!  I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to be guest designing with Precious Remembrance this month!  Since day one I have been a huge fan. 

Last Christmas I purchased my first set of driftwood pieces and went to work creating something for my sister.  I ended up with a handful of pieces remaining.  Eventually, after a few searches through Pinterest, I came across a hanging wall piece that I knew I had to try.   I am still in love with it today as it hangs on our bedroom wall.

When I started my first Precious Remembrance project, I went in with a similar idea in mind.

Hop on over to Precious Remembrance to see all of the amazing stamps and design team projects. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

no. 85

I am a scrap keeper.




There are always a couple of small containers of scraps laying about my crafting space and I have a hard time letting go.  There does come a point when I have used all I could from one little piece of felt or fabric, when there are no longer ways to stitch or cut it and it just becomes a tiny piece of fuzz floating around the tabletop.  At that point it is destine for the trash.

Until then, I will try to find a use for it, which brings me to these little textile pieces I have been doing.  These tiny 2.5" by 2.5" pieces give me plenty of opportunity to use the smallest of scrap pieces.  It both makes my heart happy that I am using it all up and gives so much textural detail in the final product.
My favorite piece of scrap in this piece is the white honeycomb shaped bit of a doily that is off to the left side.  Matched the chicken wire piece so well in the background.

In my previous post I shared this clothespin with you.  Our drill has been sitting out and I wanted to do something with it so I found the closest wood piece in my craft closet and went to drilling.  Love how it turned out, using the smallest drill bit we had.  Was such a fun little side project.  Going to try it with other thread and patterns now.
I will be posting again this weekend fir a little project I did for my guest spot at Precious Remembrance and so excited to share the newest, and always amazing, stamp set with you.  Hope to see you then!

no. 84

Back in my craft experimental laboratory, this was taking place yesterday.

A few weeks ago I purchased a pack of flour sack towels, not exactly sure at the time what was to come of them.  To my surprise, obviously I did not pay attention when making the purchase, they are big.  However, just means more of a blank canvas to work with.

I attempted a few different ideas, but with such a large space to fill nothing came out as I had imagined.  Which leads me to the post today.  I think I have finally found the solution by creating my own print using the basic tools: scissors, paper, ruler, pencil, the sewing machine.

This is where the process begins.  Using a scrap piece of paper, I drew out my triangle and cut it out.  I then placed the triangle on the backside of the towel and traced around it.  As you can see from the photo above, the triangles sat one on top of the other.  Once it was all drawn out, the sewing begins.

The best thing, I found at least, is to create a shapes, pattern, etc. that keeps the sewing machine going in one continuous line.  The more you have to pick up the needle and start new, the more likely the threads could come loose with wear.
And this is where I ended up.  Used black stitching first, followed by a bright teal, and ended with a darker teal.

Other designs are in my head at the moment and cannot wait to work on more.

See you back tomorrow with another DIY project and a little more of my tiny textiles.  Have a wonderful Friday!

P.S. A little sneak peek of what happens when I have a drill in the house.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

no. 83

The birch tree.   Stunning, both with the white paper bark wrapped outside and the pale, fine ringed inside. 
Every year, when we are able to spend a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest, I take time to admire the beauty of birch lined streets, gardens, and driveways.  The way the white trunks stand out so distinctly from the dark evergreen forests, grey skies, green grass, is just a breath taking.

My family has planted a few along their fence line and over the years we have seen them grow.  Unfortunately they are loved, very much, by the local woodpeckers.  So much that one of the trees had to be cut down this year on our visit.  Hoping for a better outcome for the remaining ones that are near.
For this little piece I began with the drill and wood, moved onto a few stitched and beaded pieces, and finished with another brightly colored flower.

Have you thought about how you could use a slice of wood in your creating or decor?  A easy way to bring a new rustic element to your crafting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

no. 82

Do you have just one favorite color?

I can't choose, which is why my projects usually include the five basic colors: white, yellow, pink, grey, aqua.  These may vary, but seem to be a constant theme here.

When I sit down to create something, the scrap pile of ribbon, thread, or material act as my inspiration.  It usually consists of a jumbled ball of tiny felt pieces, a stray thread or two, and a few snippets of fabric.  Something eventually pops out and the color story begins.

This is exactly what happened with this piece. 

Loving the tiny 2" x 2" textile piece from yesterday, these fabric pieces ended up at the top of the scraps.  A little scissor work, a lot of stitching work and a bit of assembly and ahhh, it was complete. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

no. 81

Happy Tuesday!

There was a little shift in the creative process last night and the desire to return back to the stitched textiles that started me back to creating in September resurfaced.  Pulled from the mix of felt and fabric pieces, these tiny scraps came together just as imagine along with something a little different. 
Started the piece off with a bit of chicken wire purchased at the craft store, unsure at the time how I would be using it exactly.  Cut a piece off, stitched it down with a bit of embroidery thread and it was time for the layers.

The one thing I always say is that I butterflies are my all time favorite garden visitors.  We have been fortunate lately to have many flutter through our tiny garden, even capturing the attention of our outside kitty.  We typically see the monarch butterfly, very rare to see other varieties any longer and not sure why.  It is truly amazing how much detail there is in something so small and delicate.

Monday, November 7, 2016

no. 80

Can you believe the Thanksgiving is in two weeks?

I look forward to cooking, but this year, with only four mouths to feed, all of that work seems like a bit much.  (Especially when there are two picky eaters.)  So maybe this calls for a slight menu change. 

This is about the time of year when missing our Oregon family becomes a more present, daily thought.  It grows until the holidays pass and look forward to the spring when we get visitors here and there.  (Those who escape winter in the NW and are ready for sunny weather here in Florida.) 

This year is a bit different though.  I was not willing to wait the several months until spring comes around, so I booked a winter getaway for myself and the kids.  A couple weeks hanging with family and doing a little pre-Christmas celebration.  Just what we need to fill our hearts and souls with family traditions, chilly weather, and some much needed chit-chat and laughter.  I am ready! 

Before we head out on our trip, I am so excited to share that you will be seeing me guest designing at Precious Remembrance this month!  Love, love, love the stamps and cannot wait to share my projects with you.  The first one will be coming on Saturday, stay tuned!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

no. 79

Happy Sunday, fun day? 

Spent the evening working on these little felt critters, along with my favorite wood slices and new pom-pom trim.  Found that my scissors were dull, my organized pile of felt is a little less organized and I am in love with the little penguin.
Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend and looking forward to a creative week ahead!