Saturday, November 19, 2016

is it true.

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Ok, so is it true what they say about wearing white after Labor Day?  If so, does that apply to shoes?

Funny question that I actually had to Google, not that I follow fashion trends at all.  You will find me most days in flip flops, pants that have a bit of stretch and coziness, and an oversized shirt or sweatshirt.  I stay home and rarely go out, so my clothes speak to that lifestyle.   

I will soon be on a plane back to Oregon, to get in some much needed family time, and with a lack of winter clothes, especially in the shoe department, I am trying to not go crazy and buy a new wardrobe, but I have to say it is hard not to want to stock up on the latest and greatest winter clothes.

The kids are easy, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, a pair of gloves, a coat and one pair of tennis shoes.  That is all they will live in for two weeks.

Me?  Well, that it is different story.

There will be days out with my always well dressed sister, mother, and even my stylish father.  There will be nights out at nice restaurants, just the adults (yeah!).  Even going to add in a couple Christmas activities into the mix.

The reason I ask this question, while living in Florida most of my wardrobe is light in color.  Although I am still a layers kind of gal, and always will be, the layers are much lighter.  So I have to wonder can this translate well to a winter wardrobe in Oregon?

From my "research" it can, but maybe have to leave the flip flops at home.  I have a pair of white shoes, some knee high boots (which I never wear in Florida), and a pair of black ballet shoes (which I never wear anywhere).  I am hoping they will do.

Getting excited about the thirty to forty degree difference, the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree, and baking cookies with my mom and sister.

Inspired by all of the white sweaters I found on Pinterest, I did a little crocheting this morning before heading out with the family.  Going to be used in a project coming this week.

Hope you have a wonderful start to your Thanksgiving week!  Time for me to work on several things to fill the blog while we are away.

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