Monday, November 7, 2016

no. 80

Can you believe the Thanksgiving is in two weeks?

I look forward to cooking, but this year, with only four mouths to feed, all of that work seems like a bit much.  (Especially when there are two picky eaters.)  So maybe this calls for a slight menu change. 

This is about the time of year when missing our Oregon family becomes a more present, daily thought.  It grows until the holidays pass and look forward to the spring when we get visitors here and there.  (Those who escape winter in the NW and are ready for sunny weather here in Florida.) 

This year is a bit different though.  I was not willing to wait the several months until spring comes around, so I booked a winter getaway for myself and the kids.  A couple weeks hanging with family and doing a little pre-Christmas celebration.  Just what we need to fill our hearts and souls with family traditions, chilly weather, and some much needed chit-chat and laughter.  I am ready! 

Before we head out on our trip, I am so excited to share that you will be seeing me guest designing at Precious Remembrance this month!  Love, love, love the stamps and cannot wait to share my projects with you.  The first one will be coming on Saturday, stay tuned!

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  1. Pretty little blooms!! Have a WONDERFUL trip and enjoy your time with family. Looking forward to your PRS designs. You know I always love them!!