Tuesday, November 8, 2016

no. 81

Happy Tuesday!

There was a little shift in the creative process last night and the desire to return back to the stitched textiles that started me back to creating in September resurfaced.  Pulled from the mix of felt and fabric pieces, these tiny scraps came together just as imagine along with something a little different. 
Started the piece off with a bit of chicken wire purchased at the craft store, unsure at the time how I would be using it exactly.  Cut a piece off, stitched it down with a bit of embroidery thread and it was time for the layers.

The one thing I always say is that I butterflies are my all time favorite garden visitors.  We have been fortunate lately to have many flutter through our tiny garden, even capturing the attention of our outside kitty.  We typically see the monarch butterfly, very rare to see other varieties any longer and not sure why.  It is truly amazing how much detail there is in something so small and delicate.


  1. Layers of sweetness Andrea! We saw a little yellow butterfly while at the playground yesterday!

  2. Love seeing your new fabric creations every day. They are fabulous.

  3. Absolutely love the texture of this, it's so pretty! I'm really glad I discovered your blog, your work is so inspiring :)