Wednesday, November 9, 2016

no. 82

Do you have just one favorite color?

I can't choose, which is why my projects usually include the five basic colors: white, yellow, pink, grey, aqua.  These may vary, but seem to be a constant theme here.

When I sit down to create something, the scrap pile of ribbon, thread, or material act as my inspiration.  It usually consists of a jumbled ball of tiny felt pieces, a stray thread or two, and a few snippets of fabric.  Something eventually pops out and the color story begins.

This is exactly what happened with this piece. 

Loving the tiny 2" x 2" textile piece from yesterday, these fabric pieces ended up at the top of the scraps.  A little scissor work, a lot of stitching work and a bit of assembly and ahhh, it was complete. 


  1. It's a pretty color combination, keep it coming!! This is wonderful Andrea!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I tend to love very bright, warm colors (yellow, orange, red), but I also love the greens and blues.