Thursday, November 10, 2016

no. 83

The birch tree.   Stunning, both with the white paper bark wrapped outside and the pale, fine ringed inside. 
Every year, when we are able to spend a couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest, I take time to admire the beauty of birch lined streets, gardens, and driveways.  The way the white trunks stand out so distinctly from the dark evergreen forests, grey skies, green grass, is just a breath taking.

My family has planted a few along their fence line and over the years we have seen them grow.  Unfortunately they are loved, very much, by the local woodpeckers.  So much that one of the trees had to be cut down this year on our visit.  Hoping for a better outcome for the remaining ones that are near.
For this little piece I began with the drill and wood, moved onto a few stitched and beaded pieces, and finished with another brightly colored flower.

Have you thought about how you could use a slice of wood in your creating or decor?  A easy way to bring a new rustic element to your crafting.

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  1. I love this piece! Thanks for getting me outside my favorite medium box!